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A Sensor Factory innovation.


This liquid handling technique puts the measurement chamber at the core with blocks and valves around it in the shape of a double hexagon.


This configuration allows

multiple reagent channels

to have direct access to the measurement chamber, and, at the same time, provide a

clear connection to the detector


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CDS module


A Sensor Factory design for a cartridge docking station module. The microchip is placed in a cartridge and then inserted into a docking station.

This design protects vulnerable microchip components and allows non-contact detection between the liquid connections at the top and electronic connections underneath.


The signal is amplified

to provide essential measurement information

from the microchip.


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What is The Sensor Factory?


The Sensor Factory believes in the power of sensor technology to improve industrial processes.


We do this through the careful monitoring of water and other process liquids.


We have broad expertise in the field of analytical technologies; such as

microchip CE, luminescence, Ion Selective Electrodes, Potentiostats and NIR.


We develop and manufacture high-tech measurement instruments for field operations.

The Sensor Factory

is at the place where liquids, chemistry and electronics meet.

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