What is The Sensor Factory?

With nearly the entire world connected to the internet, sensor technology is one of

the key enablers of the future.


Electro/chemical sensors playing a starring role.

Sensors are crucial for the accurate, on-line monitoring of liquid quality and the improvement of industrial and agricultural processes.

What can The Sensor Factory do for you?

A great idea is all that’s needed to get started.


We will listen to you and turn your ideas into concrete development plans, working timelines and realistic budgets.

During the last 10 years, The Sensor Factory has built broad expertise in the field of analytical technologies; such as

microchip CE, luminescence, Ion Selective Electrodes, Potentiostats and NIR.

From concept to packaging, it’s all done in-house, with the end-user as an integral part of this process.


The goal is to make production independent of location, team and suppliers.

Who is in The Sensor Factory?


The Sensor Factory is made up of a team of diverse, innovative professionals intent on bringing the laboratory to the process.


The Sensor Factory expanded to include a wider team of specialists to work on all stages of the realization of an idea.


Growing and expanding into the future.

Our core expertise:

Concept Development

Business Administration

Venture Capital

Project Management

Research & Development


Liquid handling



Software programming

Hardware design/build

Lab Process

Technical Drawing





Package Design

Industrial Design

Technology Training

How did we get here?


The Sensor Factory first came together over a decade ago, searching for new ideas in untapped sensor technologies and undiscovered applications.

The years following saw several of these bright ideas taken to the next level, becoming prototypes and test cases.

And finally, sales to multinational companies.

The Sensor Factory

is at the place where liquids, chemistry and electronics meet.

The Sensor Factory B.V.

Hermes 8

8448 CK Heerenveen

The Netherlands

kvk nr: 64028461



M. info@sensor-factory.com

T. +31 (0) 513 714 400


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