Chemistry is a broad term describing the composition, structure, properties and change of matter.


These elements are essential for the quality of sensor measurement.

The specific chemical composition of reagents, for example, results in the ideal emission of the determined element.


Or, the addition of a specific component in a reagent allows for two elements to be measured individually, separately.

Performance characteristics


The secret behind (electro) chemical sensor measurement lies within the chemistry of the reagents, thus making them the key elements to determine sensor performance.

Chemical storage


Storage of the reagent affects its performance; a chemical is only effective if it is well preserved and pure. Bacterial growth, component degradation and side reactions are all a result of poor chemical storage.


The Sensor Factory makes sure that the right chemical reagent components are protected. This includes maintaining the proper physical environment.


Under the right conditions, reagent refreshment is greatly expanded; and this supports the overall performance of the sensor.

The Sensor Factory believes in the highest quality sensor performance in the field; at the level of laboratory standards.

This makes the sensor reliable; and it is a sensor’s reliability that allows it to improve the process it was designed to measure.

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