Sleek, simple, modern, and unobtrusive. Great design blends into its surroundings.


It becomes invisible.

The Sensor Factory believes strongly in its goal of protecting our valuable resources and our sensor design reflects our deep admiration for natural processes.

The Sensor Factory designs its physical sensors so they disappear into their locations.


Our software design puts human usability at the centre by drawing on the principles of visual communication, ergonomics and intuitive placement.

Our branding efforts reflect the beauty and simplicity of nature, the goal of readability and colours found in the natural world.

The Sensor Factory

is at the place where liquids, chemistry and electronics meet.

The Sensor Factory B.V.

Hermes 8

8448 CK Heerenveen

The Netherlands

kvk nr: 64028461




T. +31 (0) 513 714 400


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