In any sensor system, the underlying circuitry needs to be designed in such a way as to effectively enable the seamless interaction between the chemicals and signal impulses.

The Sensor Factory builds the electronic systems from the ground up.



A Sensor Factory design: the microchip is placed in a cartridge and then inserted into a docking station.


This protects vulnerable microchip components and allows non-contact detection between the liquid connections at the top and electronic connections underneath.

Future proofing a detector


For a technology upgrade request, the first step is to scan for components that may be obsolete.


We design with compatibility and deliverability for the coming decade.

The existing detector in the ATP instrument was based on a double implementation of CCD cameras at a time when CMOS was popular.


CCD cameras have changed tremendously in the past 5 years, making it a potentially obsolete component.

We studied the core competencies of the component and looked for a new version that could potentially match and exceed specifications.


In the case of the ATP sensor, this was a relatively simple task; improving the core competencies was enabled by recent developments in the field and the miniaturisation of light sensors.

A cartridge docking station module, refers to the placement of a microchip into a holder within a docking station.

The cartridge protects the vulnerable microchip and stabilises the system.


The detector is based on non-contact conductivity; designed specially for this application.


The Sensor Factory’s first step was finding the specific frequency.


Next, the signal strength was increased and the listening capacity of the receiver was improved.

The electronics expertise, the knowledge of analytical chemistry and the ability to work at a challenge from different three angles enabled The Sensor Factory to arrive at a breakthrough solution to meet this challenge.

The Sensor Factory

is at the place where liquids, chemistry and electronics meet.

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