Our R&D efforts are partly funded by EU innovation funds, SNN and province of Friesland.


An EFRO project aiming to develop a prototype for real-time fatty acid measurements, to be demonstrated in a PHA production pilot. The project is in collaboration with Paques BV and is supported by the European regional development fund, the province of Friesland and SNN in Jan 2020 – Dec 2021.


Improving animal health in dairy farming using the on-line monitoring of milk quality via somatic cell count (SCC). The goal is to develop an analytical instrument (sensor) and reagents for automated monitoring of the health of dairy cows. This will be done through on-line analyses of the somatic cell count in the milk for each individual cow. The developed instrument and reagents will be duration-tested in a research dairy farm (WUR Dairy Campus/VHL University), to monitor the effect of the on-line measurement on herd health and milking efficiency. Project duration: July 2017 – Dec

Besides manufacturing, we do a lot of technical development work and R&D in funded projects.