The Sensor Factory was instrumental in these development areas:


• Liquid movement

  and transport


• Liquid module


• Real-time valve



• Software drive


• Online system build

The Sensor Factory was instrumental in these development areas:


• Liquid movement and



• Industrial design


• Real-time valve



Liquid Handling


Liquid handling is the delicate task of transporting the liquids necessary to carry out complex chemical and electronic processes.


This can be done manually or automatically.


The liquids are necessarily small in volume and require absolute control over temperature, vacuum, pressure and amounts within nanolitres.

Block module


The challenge within the lab-on-a-chip “CELINE” project was to maintain the necessary liquid transport to feed the microchip.


The online configuration required an automated liquid module; where the right liquids in the right amounts were brought into the capillaries using the right technique.


The Sensor Factory developed a liquid manifold module to introduce tiny quantities of liquid reagents into the minuscule capillaries of the microchip.



For the new LUCI sensor, The Sensor Factory developed a manifold for the transport of sample and reagents into a measuring chamber.


The challenge was to improve on the original design. This included a measurement chamber and manifold layout that was not in the ideal setting.



Starting with a proof of concept, The Sensor Factory used several specific liquid reagents to create a liquid module built right into the online measurement system.

This type of liquid handling module is required when the measurement chamber is located in the middle of the block and the valves form a double hexagon shape around it.


Multiple reagents are transported towards the measurement chamber by channels within the module.


This means that the measurement chamber is perfectly accessible for a detector.


The Sensor Factory combined multiple liquid sources into the same chamber at the right moment.


This resulted in the “double-hexagon” module.


The measurement chamber at the heart of the module and the valves and channels in the module, formed this distinctive shape.


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