About sensors...

What's a sensor?

How do they work?

Why do sensors matter?


Imagine a world without sensors. What if the gas meters in our cars couldn’t sense liquid levels?

What if our Intensive Care Units could not measure the rhythm of our heartbeats?

Sensors help us optimize industrial processes by seeing things we cannot and by giving us valuable information we can act on quickly and effectively.


Sensors make these processes more sustainable, saving

costs, energy and waste.

A sensor is an electronic device that is able to detect events or changes to the physical environment.


Changes to the environment could be literally anything measurable; light, heat, motion, pressure, sound, energy or consistency.


Changes relative to a measured baseline enter the sensor in the form of live data, or “input”.

The sensor then transmits this data input back to the human user; the sensor’s “output”.


The output is generally a signal that is transmitted electronically over a network.


The signal is converted to information for a human-readable display, where it can be read and processed.

Sensors have changed our world so much already.

Modern life would be unthinkable without them.


From our health to our food, our transport to safety, sensors are all around us.

The sensor output provides us with data.


The data can give us the answers we need right at the moment when we need them.

Answers can be fast and singular, or in continuous data streams, what we refer to as “real time”.

Think about it: if the data is coming in at high speeds and high frequency, and processed accordingly, it creates a data picture; a pattern, a trend.


A way of understanding

our world.

What if we were unable to detect seismic activity, unable to see

an oncoming tsunami?

Sensor technology is woven into our daily lives often without us even knowing.


They help us see, hear, feel

and smell the things we can’t.


They help us become faster, smarter.


They keep us healthy and safe.

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