The highly specialized electronic systems that The Sensor Factory develops require custom-written software for it to function correctly.


Available software is used purely as a starting point to provide the basics needed for a proof of concept: after that, all code is written manually, in-house.

From labview to professional software


The Sensor Factory uses the National Instruments program “Labview” to support the proof of principles. Starting with a proven concept with Labview software, The Sensor Factory designed a totally new C++ platform.

This platform had two

important goals in mind:


First, professional coding which is

structured and transmissible.


Second, professional UX design; an interface aligned with the needs of the user.

Our clients come from a wide range of sectors, from IT to the dairy industry to commercial farming. Much of the time, they supply sensors via existing industry channels rather than setting up their own distribution network.

Clients are not generally comfortable

with installation of third-party software on their existing infrastructure.


New data privacy regulations further constrain the use of outside software.

The Sensor Factory therefore works towards fully embedded, automated solutions with cloud-based remote support for dealers, service technicians, and manufacturers.

Our daily challenge is to create new solutions within a client’s existing supply chain that adequately feed the sensors with minimal end-user impact.


So clients never experience a break in their business.


The technology we are currently perfecting will be one of the first fully automated, embedded chemical sensor systems in the industrial agricultural arena.

The Sensor Factory

is at the place where liquids, chemistry and electronics meet.

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